WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama plans to announce on Wednesday (today) how many US troops will be withdrawn from Afghanistan next month, administration officials said. The presidents announcement is expected to include information on further withdrawals before the end of 2012, The Washington Post reported. Those withdrawals would include 33,000 troops Obama sent to Afghanistan in 2010 to participate in a counterinsurgency strategy. An estimated 100,000 US troops are serving in Afghanistan, some 30,000 of which are part of the so-called surge ordered in late 2009 in a bid to control the rising violence. Obama has said those troops would begin coming home in July, and he recently indicated the number would be significant. It was not clear then what the president considered significant. White House officials have not elaborated. AFP adds:? President Barack Obama will 'likely withdraw about 10,000 US troops from Afghanistan by the end of the year, with half coming out this summer and the remainder leaving later in 2011, a senior US defence official said Tuesday. Another 20,000 troops, which formed part of a troop buildup ordered earlier by Obama, would be withdrawn by the end of 2012, the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told AFP. The official described the numbers as the most 'likely option to be backed by the US president. Afghanistans military has about 150,000 troops, with plans to reach 260,000 by 2014, the year Washington and its international allies have pledged to turn over all security responsibilities to the Afghan government.