Our Staff Reporter MULTAN - Central leader of All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) Dr Sher Afgan Niazi has said that Pakistan is passing through a very critical time and the politicians and other quarters should refrain from criticizing Pakistan Army. Talking to the journalists on Monday night, he declared Mian Nawaz Sharif a compulsive liar, claiming that Musharraf had launched Kargil war after bringing this issue into the notice of Nawaz Sharif. He claimed that Musharraf had got liberated Kashmir during Kargil episode but Nawaz Sharif made compromise on national sovereignty and got martyred 3500 army men. When we were about to occupy Kashmir, Nawaz Sharif rushed to Clinton and sign an agreement for bringing army back. He said that the country was faced with a very critical situation and criticizing army would be tantamount to strengthening the hands of enemy. He claimed that looted national money worth $200 billion was kept in foreign banks while total foreign loans amounted to $60 billion. If this money is brought back, it will not only repay our loans but also strengthen national economy, he added. He strongly criticized rental power projects and declared it a trick to loot national exchequer. He said that the prime minister himself had admitted that the country was producing 19500 megawatt electricity against required 14500 megawatt. Despite the fact that 5500 megawatt electricity is surplus, why entire country is faced with up to 14 hour loadshedding, he posed a question. He declared that his party would fully participate in coming election after registration. He said that Chaudhris made compromise and struck a deal on the blood of Ch Zahoor Elahi. APML workers lock up Niazi Earlier, highly unruly scenes were observed during the workers convention of APML as a group of defiant workers got enraged on nomination of office bearers and held Dr. Niazi hostage in a room after bringing him down from the stage forcibly. They carried out non-stop sloganeering against Sher Afgan outside the room he was locked in and demanded re-election for choosing new office bearers. The workers laid ahead of the car of Sher Afgan Niazi when his driver tried to take him away from the scene. However, the workers let Dr Niazi go on intervention of Sultan Mahmood Malik.