LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif Tuesday alleged that dacoits in police uniform and retired police officers were posted in the field by the former rulers which was not only a clear violation of law and norm of justice but also resulted in tremendous increase in crime rate. The present government has, however, given field posting to honest and hard working officials and he could say without any fear of contradiction that only honest and competent officers have been appointed as police chiefs since the present leadership came into power, the Chief Minister said while addressing Punjab Assembly in response to a cut motion presented by opposition members regarding demand for grants for police department. He said that when Bank of Punjab was robbed of Rs 75 billion and a sum of Rs 6 billion was looted from NICL, a dramatic increase in the incidents of dacoity, theft and other crimes was but natural. This was followed by loud desk-thumbing by the treasury members. Shahbaz said there was no truth in the allegations that the corrupt officers which had been removed earlier had again been given field postings. He said that it was a fact that the corrupt officers which were made OSD during his last tenure were not only given postings of their choice, they also got promotions by the former government. Giving examples of posting dishonest and incompetent officers by past rulers, the CM said that a police officer was posted in Faisalabad in whose tenure the gruesome incident of molestation of a girl child took place. Similarly, he added, a retired police officer was posted as SP Toba Tek Singh in violation of all norms of justice. He said the tenure of previous rulers was replete with examples of posting favourites and corrupt officers in total disregard to the demands of merit. He said that every effort was being made for the protection of life and property of people and maintenance of law and order. He said that he wanted to assure the House that no effort will be spared for improving police efficiency and civic peace in the light of the debate on law on order. The Chief Minister said that nothing could be more important than maintenance of law and order, and in view of this fact, all-out resources were being utilised for the purpose. He said that proper utilisation of every penny of the funds allocated for the safety of life and property of the masses was being ensured. He said that he fully agreed with the proposals of the House regarding improving efficiency of police and removing all shortcomings in this regard. He assured the House that maintenance of law and order and protection of life and property of the people was the top priority of Punjab government and he would leave no stone unturned to fulfill this responsibility.