QUETTA - The PPP-led coalition government in Balochistan presented a tax-free budget to the tune of Rs 164 billion including the development outlay of Rs 31.2 billion and Rs 2.2 billion of foreign aid with Rs 6.7 billion deficit for the fiscal year of 2011-12 in Provincial Assembly session here on Tuesday evening amidst tight security. Balochistan Finance Minister, Mir Asim Kurd Gaillo, presented the budget in the Assembly with the Speaker Muhammad Aslam Bhootani in the chair. Chief Minister Nawab Muhammad Aslam Raisani was also present in the House. Presenting the fourth budget of the government, Finance Minister Mir Asim Gaillo in his budget speech mentioned about the next financial year budget (2011-12) and spoke at length about his governments budgetary measures during 2010-11 fiscal year. He said that the present coalition government broke all records in development expenditure by enhancing the allocations for peoples welfare. He ,however, said that there were big gaps in basic infrastructure which needed to be filled in the development sector. Balochistan had been facing a great challenge of poverty, he added. He claimed that the provincial government had been successful in improving the law and order situation in the province in general and in its capital in particular, paving the way for international and local investment. Reviewing the current fiscal year budget, Asim said that the coalition government had succeeded in saving of Rs 12.5 billion and increasing the receipts of its own Rs 4.129 billion which was 23pc of total PSDP. He said that to discourage the foreign loans, the government had to its credit that no foreign loan was obtained ,however, foreign investment in terms of grants and soft loans on zero rate of interests would be welcomed. 'The total outlay of the PSDP of 2010-11 was Rs 22 billion with the inclusion of 429 on-going development schemes and 383 new schemes, he added. He said that in the revised PSDP, 123 new and 18 on going development schemes had been included that increased its total outlay from Rs 22 billion to Rs 25.580 billion. He told the House that the provincial coalition government also succeeded to achieve 96 per cent of its target of tax and non-tax receipts reflected in 2010-11 budget and expressed his hope that at the end of current fiscal year, the government would be ahead of its target. 'Under the new NFC award, the province is bound to follow its adopted principles, aiming to improve the tax collection system and overcome irregularities for increasing its revenue, he maintained. The Finance Minister said that the government had already constituted a provincial own resources advisory committee with senior member board of revenue which would make recommendations for bringing improvement in different taxes collection. He said Rs 3 billion had been allocated for the natural calamities in the next year budget while Rs 3 billion had been provided for relief activities from its own resources for the flood affectees. Asim said that the recent devastating flood played havoc in many districts of Balochistan and majority of its population had been deprived of its source of income. He said that the total losses of damages due to devastating flood was estimated at Rs 137.8 billion which included houses, standing crops, livestock, fisheries and government infra-structure of education, health and communication, irrigation etc. He further stated that during 2010-11, the government of Balochistan had decided to buy wheat from its own farmers instead of PASCO, Punjab Food Department and Trade Corporation of Pakistan by releasing the debt of Rs 1.861 billion to its Food Department on the interest rate of 10 per cent. Coalition government from the very beginning placed education sector top of its priority list by allocating Rs 17.523 billion in 2010 from Rs 1.813 billion in 2007 and further increased it to Rs 19.256 in the coming year budget, he said. 'Due to government measures, the enrolment has increased from 37 to 45 pc on primary level and 5 to 7pc on high school level, he said, adding, that 1000 new job opportunities had been made after upgradation of new schools and colleges while Rs 66 million had been allocated for Benazir scholarships for 4 each male and female students from every district. He said that 178 middle students had been selected for scholarship in well reputed educational institutions of the country under Chamalang Educational Beneficiaries Fund. Asim said that during the next financial year, four new polytechnical institutes in Gwadar, Turbat, Khanozai and Muslim Bagh would completely be functional. In order to improve the educational standard in the province, the government had enhanced the grade of junior school teachers from BPS-7 to BPS-9 and from BPS-9 to BPS-14 in different categories. Balochistan Finance Minister said that Rs 1.426 billion had been allocated for health care during the current financial year for different schemes. 'Monthly scholarships of house job and post graduate students have been enhanced from Rs 12,000 to Rs 15,000 while Rs 12,000 per month would be given to FCPS and Post graduate students, he said , adding, that that Rs 1 billion would be provided for purchase of medicine for government run hospitals and health units while Rs 1 billion was earmarked for the purchase of new medical equipments besides allocating Rs 69 million for making moribund 153 health institutions functional in the province. He assured that the committee under the supervision of additional Chief Secretary (Development) was working to review the protesting young doctors demand of increasing their pay and allowances. He said that Rs 25.664 billion had been earmarked for 499 new schemes besides Rs 8 billion for the ongoing scheme in the road sector while Rs 4.338 billion had been earmarked in 2011-12 budget for the roads in the province. He said that out of total 50 types mineral resources of Pakistan, 40 existed in Balochistan and the main projects are Saindak copper-Gold, Rekodik Copper Gold, Dhuddar Led-Zinc and Dalbandin Iron deposits. 'Balochistan was the oldest and biggest coal producer province in the country with 217 million tonnes of estimated coal deposits, he said. He said that Chamalung coal field was made functional which provided employment to 57,000 persons. 'Rekodik Copper Gold project was the world biggest deposit and the provincial government decided to set up copper refinery and processing plant with initial investment of Rs 8.5 billion, he added. For the Irrigation sector,Asim Gailoo said that 89 schemes with the total cost of Rs 418 million had been estimated while Rs 1.322 billion had been spent in this sector during the current fiscal year. He said that the new schemes had been planned with the assistance of Federal government which included 20 delay action dams besides the construction of Pat feeder canal, Meerani dam, Sobakzai Dam, Shadi Cor dam and Batozai dam.