It was a very sweet idea. So it is understandable a schoolmaster who hid chocolates inside a book for a pupil wondered why he never got thanked. But unfortunately young Mark James never got as far as opening the book and it was thrown to the back of a cupboard, where it lay undiscovered for 18 years. They came to light in 1985 when Mr Jamess wife Alexandra found them. After then being mislaid and found again when they moved house, she decided the story needed telling, so she showed the book to Fiona Bruce on the BBCs Antiques Roadshow. Inside, English teacher Steven Baines had generously placed two Mars bars, two Bounties, two Turkish Delights and a pair of Chocolate Creams. He taught Mark, now 55, at Edgeborough Prep School in Farnham, Surrey, and Alexandra managed to track him down. 'Ive waited a long time for this call, he told her. DM