The US has proposed that adherence to the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT) need not be a "pre-requisite" for India's membership to the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG), but a suggestion, or a "factor to be considered". If this finds broader acceptance within the NSG, India's entry could become easier. The 45-nation nuclear club is meeting for its plenary in The Hague this week. In a paper circulated among NSG members, the US, which had committed to supporting India's quest for membership to international non-proliferation regimes -- NSG, Australia Group, Wassenaar Arrangement and Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) -- has put a set of proposals to other members for India's accession. India has not signed the NPT and is unlikely to do so, because it considers the treaty to be inherently discriminatory and one that has outlived its usefulness. Talking to journalists on Tuesday, visiting US assistant secretary of state Robert Blake said the Obama administration remained fully committed to the nuclear deal. The discussions underway (on ENR exports), he said, would not undermine the US commitment. There is still no consensus on the ENR issue in NSG though, and sources said this was unlikely to happen soon. As far as India is concerned, the NSG waiver and the commitments India undertook should be a precedent for India's membership. But nobody is under any illusion that this will take time. A recent meeting between India and the NSG Troika -- New Zealand, Hungary and Netherlands -- also focused on these issues. But the American creation of a "space" for India might make things easier, said sources. This was discussed between Ellen Tauscher, US undersecretary for arms control and non-proliferation, and foreign secretary Nirupama Rao recently in Vienna.