MIRPUR (AJK) PML-N Quaid and former prime minister Nawaz Sharif said on Tuesday that government and intelligence agencies were responsible for ruining the country. Addressing an election rally in Bagh district of Azad Jammu Kashmir on Tuesday, he declared that no compromise would be made on Pakistans sovereignty. Sharif blamed that corruption was rampant in every institution and money was even minted from Hajis through unfair means. Billions of rupees were embezzled and the country had never seen corruption of that level before, he maintained. He said the government was not implementing the Supreme Court orders of writing a letter to the Swiss authorities about President Zardaris property there. He said the President had never lived up to his promises. He said money in Swiss banks was hard earned money of poor people of Pakistan and the nation would not pardon the rulers for that. Referring to the scheduled June 26 elections of Azad Jammu and Kashmirs legislative assembly, the PML-N Quaid said that people would have to think about voting for these people in the future. Sharif reiterated his resolve that after coming into power in AJK, PML-N would ensure an early peaceful settlement of Kashmir issue in line with the aspirations of the people of Jammu & Kashmir. He said early settlement of the Kashmir issue in a peaceful way was need of the hour for durable peace not only in South Asia but also across the globe. He said Kashmiris must be given their right to self determination. Sharif further said after coming into power his party will construct in AJK a grand Motorway network from Bhimbher to Muzaffarabad. He said establishing a truly democratic and neat and clean PML-Ns government through June 26 AJK polls was atop the priority of the party not only for AJK but also for Pakistan. The PML-N head said that during his previous terms in power, his party had launched various projects of public welfare. He said government was responsible for price-hike, loadshedding and unemployment. He said youths in AJK were jobless and the people were scared of terrorism and angry over power and gas loadshedding. The PML-N leader asserted that during his era in power, he put the country on the path of speedy progress. Applauding the young generation, Sharif said youths are the future of Pakistan. The nation attached great hopes to the young generation. He called upon youths to lend all of their energies in making Pakistan a fully developed state. Sharif said PML-N wanted to safeguard rights of the AJK people and Azad Jammu and Kashmir would soon pass through a revolution with vital changes as a mass welfare programme will be implemented in the region, he concluded. Agencies add: Speaking at an election rally of the PML-N and Jamaat-e-Islami joint candidates Abdur Rashid Turabi and Mushtaq Nayyer from central eastern Bagh, Nawaz said there was corruption in every institution. Nawaz said there was no terror during his government and even India was following Pakistans development programme. I cant understand why Musharraf toppled my government, he added. The PML-N Chief expressed his determination to nab Musharraf one day and brought back to Pakistan. We know how to make sacrifices for Pakistan, he said. He said the situation in Kashmir was not good like Pakistan and the people of AJK were increasingly becoming frustrated about the whole situation. We are not those who bow before the US after the 9/11, Nawaz said, adding: We conducted six atomic explosions in reply to Indias five explosions and did not bow before the US pressure. Nawaz said the N-League supported the Muslim Conference for long but it failed to resolve the problems of the masses in AJK after which the PML-N was launched from AJK. He said the people of AJK should keep in mind at the time of voting that those corrupt elements who destroyed Pakistan were now trying to do the same with AJK. He said the PML-N signed Charter of Democracy with the PPP to change the lives of the country fellows, but President Zardari did not fulfil even a single promise. He said Zardari learnt nothing from his mistakes. Had I known about President Zardari I would not have struck agreements with him, he said Nawaz alleged that the PPP and President Zardari were working on a recipe to ruin the country. I dont know from where they have brought this recipe, he added. He assured solution of all the problems facing the people of AJK if PML-N candidates returned successful in the elections. Referring to his partys election symbol, he said lion and jackal play has been started in Azad Jammu and Kashmir and jackal has to run in the elections.