LAHORE – Shah Faisal Club president Asim Raza, rejecting the false claim of fake club chief Aamir Ilyas Butt, has said that the new party has no legal standings as the club’s case is still in the court and no one can hold new elections till the court’s final decision.

Talking to The Nation, Asim said: “Aamir Ilyas Butt is being patronised by some senior cricket official and under his umbrella, these people are hijacking many cricket grounds and depriving the gentle cricket organisers of their grounds who had spent all their lives in supporting and boosting cricket in the city.”

He said recently he had met PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif and informed him how a Lahore cricket official was misusing the powers in the name of one PML (N) family leader. 

“The case of the club is already in the court and till the final of the court, no one has right to hold the elections. So the elections which new body held are illegal and unconstitutional and I am still legal president of Shah Faisal Club. They also have no right to use the title of the club otherwise another case can be filed against  them.”

He also denied the claim of new body that his club’s players went against the former chief and kicked him out. “According to Shah Faisal Club’s constitution, the club players have no right to cast vote of no confidence against the club chief. Only club’s council has this right to look into matter and after consensus give decision about it. So this thing also went against the new body and proved their claims false,” he added.

“I am running Shah Faisal Club for a long time where I have been serving blind, deaf, handicapped, needy and poor cricketers free of cost and also produced some quality players who represented the respected region and earned good name for it. My aim is just to support poor and needy cricketers and for this, I am endeavoring to get back my club from the grabbers.”  He urged the court to take action against those who are using the title of the club unconstitutionally and also look into the matter of ground grabbing and depriving local organisers of their livelihoods. He also demanded of PCB chief Zaka Ashraf to look into the matter and take action against the corrupt LRCA officials who are busy in hijacking the city’s cricket clubs and grounds.