MALAKAND - Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, district Malakand, General Secretary and former candidate from NA-35 Sajid Khan has thanked all PML (N) workers on rendering the party meeting a huge and successful public gathering at Grassy Ground Swat.

He said that PML (N) Chief Main Nawaz Sharif visit to Swat in such critical conditions showed that he loved the people of Malakand division and he was the only central leader who visited Swat. Sajid Khan said that after Amir Muqaam inclusion in PML (N) popularity of PML (N) has gained too mush momentum and people are joining PML-N in a large number. He said that a historical gathering at Swat showed that the people of Malakand division were united under the dynamic leadership of Amir Muqaam and in the upcoming election PML (N) will win the majority of seats with big margins.  He again thanked workers and said that PML (N) workers will work hard day and night to bring peaceful revaluation under the leadership of Main Nawaz Sharif and Amir Muqaam. He said that Amir Muqaam has done such a great job for the whole Malakand division.