RAWALPINDI   - Police on Thursday arrested 12 outlaws for having illegal weapons, drugs and liquor from different parts of the district. According to a department’s spokesman, Bani police held on Arshad and recovered 1295-gram charas from his possession while Ganjmandi police nabbed Qasim with 120 gram charas. Saddar Barooni police recovered 110 gram charas from Tariq and Saddar Wah police arrested Hasina Khanam for having 620-gram charas.Ganjmandi police held Arif with nine bottles of liquor while Rata Amral police arrested Usman for having five bottles of liquor. Morgah police recovered three bottles of liquor from Yousuf.Taking action against people having illegal weapons, Rata Amral police held Arif for having a 30-bore pistol, while Khauta police arrested Nadeem with a 12-bore gun. Likewise, Jatli police nabbed Zia Ullah and recovered six cartridges from his possession.