WARBURTON - As many as 15 dacoits looted two landlords here the other day.

The robbery is being considered as one of the biggest incident in the area.  According to detail, 15 dacoits scaled the walls of adjoined homes of Syed Ghulam Rasool Shah and Syed Asad Ali Shah. They gathered children, women and men of both the families and locked up in a single room. They collected 200 tolas gold ornaments, Rs1.1 million, licensed rifles, ammunition and cell phones from all the families’ members.

Meanwhile, on information Nankana DPO Muhammad Ashraf Anwar reached the spot and assured the aggrieved families of the arrest of the culprits.  Locals feel insecure in the aftermath of the robbery in the houses of the landlords which is being considered the biggest ever incident in the area’s history.