WASHINGTON  - United States has said that talks with Pakistan regarding resumption of NATO supplies are underway, however, he said that no breakthrough took place as yet.

“We are continuing conversations at a political level, but I don't have any progress to report,” State Department's Spokesperson Victoria Nuland told reporters during a daily Press briefing late Wednesday.

Replying to a query regarding political situation in Pakistan, she said, "We spoke about this a little bit. We've been able to work with the Pakistani Government throughout this period. They've now announced plans of their own for their own political transition, so our hope and expectation is that we can continue to try to work through these issues."

Victoria Nuland said that US have seen cross-border militancy for more than a decade.

State Department's Spokesperson Victoria Nuland  said "it is important to have action against terror on the Pakistan side, on the Afghan side, and for Afghanistan, Pakistan and ISAF to continue to work together."

Regarding the 2014 transition plan, State Department's Spokesperson Victoria Nuland  said that United States is expecting ISAF forces will begin to fly home as Afghan forces take on lead responsibility for security.

"We've seen the same Press reports that you have. I don't have anything to add there or any information specific to us," she commented on Hosni Mubarak's health.