ISLAMABAD  – Citizens on Thursday complained that there was shortage of drugs, which are essential to cure the dengue-affected patients.The citizens, while talking to APP, urged the health authorities to ensure availability of such medicines in the market to protect the lives of people, particularly in the coming high-risk monsoon season.They also demanded that the pharmaceutical companies be directed to start local production of drugs like Dextron-40 as no such drug was being manufactured in the country.According to Prof. Javed Akram from Jinnah Hospital, Lahore, there is a chance of outbreak of dengue virus in any part of the country during monsoons. He added that special preventive measures were required to be taken to tackle the situation and to save the lives of citizens. He said dengue was a seasonal disease, which was likely to affect the people in August and September.He said unfortunately there was no body at central level to prepare guidelines and make strategies to prevent the spread of dengue virus. He, however, addded that now with the support of World Health Organization (WHO), new guidelines were being prepared to manage the situation.   Prof. Javed said besides public sector organizations, the citizens should also take dengue preventive measures at their houses and offices to avoid breed of mosquitos that casue spread of dengue virus.He said the citizens should ensure to make their houses and offices neat and clean and avoid storage of water in any place. He added that they should also use mosquitoes nets and coils, besides other protective steps. He said dengue fever and dengue haemorrhagic fever (DHF) were considered the most fatal fevers in Pakistan, which killed hundreds of people last year. According to available data, dengue fever is a re-emerging arboviral disease in more than 100 tropical and sub-tropical countries of the world with estimated caseload of 50-100 millions of dengue fever and 0.5 million cases of dengue haemorrhagic fever.The dengue is the most rapidly spreading vector-borne viral disease since last decade. From 1995-2004 only 699 dengue cases were reported from three districts of Pakistan.  During 2005-2011, the number of confirmed dengue patients and deaths dramatically increased to 55,946 and 539 respectively, affecting 105 out of 146 districts, agencies or territories. When contacted an official said that the government is making efforts to contain dengue fever around the country. He said the federal and provincial governments will ensure to make all possible measures before start of high risk season.