ISLAMABAD - The Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) on Thursday appreciated the Supreme Court judgment disqualifying Yousuf Raza Gillani as member of the National Assembly and consequently as the Prime Minister of Pakistan.The PBC’s members namely Hamid Khan, Syed Muhammad Kaleem Ahmad Khurshid, Mian Abdul Qaddous, Zia Ahmed Awan and Muhammad Maqsood Buttar, on June 16 had requisitioned an emergent meeting of the Pakistan Bar Council under Rule 87 of the Legal Practitioners and Bar Councils Rule, 1976. The PBC meeting was held at the office of Pakistan Bar Council, Islamabad. The members said that the judgment clearly establishes that judiciary in Pakistan is independent and everyone is equally accountable before the Supreme Court. The judgment is reflective of the position also postulates that the judiciary would not countenance rule of men but would always uphold the rule of law.The Council demanded Yousuf Raza Gillani, who has unconstitutionally and illegally usurped the office of Prime Minister of Pakistan for nearly two months, be held accountable for his actions after 26th April, 2012.The members strongly condemned the unprofessional, uncouth and insulting behaviour of Attorney General for Pakistan while appearing before the Supreme Court in the case of Yousuf Raza Gillani and other cases. His conduct constitutes serious misbehaviour for which he is liable to be proceeded against. The attorney general is a constitutional office, which requires integrity, neutrality and diligence when assisting the courts while appearing for the federation.It is also the considered view of this Council that Attorney General is counsel for the federation and not that of the government and is required to act independently. He has thus breached the sanctity of his office and has debased the office of attorney general.The PBC strongly condemned the conspiracy hatched against the Supreme Court of Pakistan and the Chief Justice of Pakistan in order to weaken the judiciary and undermine its independence. “We condemn those belonging to the present regime who are conspiring and colluding to defame the judiciary and the Supreme Court which is regarded by the people of Pakistan as the last hope and check against corruption, misgovernance and maladministration of the present government.”The PBC members also disapproved the conduct of those representatives of the legal fraternity who openly or secretly support the nefarious agenda of the present regime against the judiciary and who are colluding with the government to cover up corruption and misdeeds of the leading functionaries of the ruling regime.The Pakistan Bar Council expressed complete solidarity with the Supreme Court of Pakistan and the Chief Justice and assures the judiciary that the entire legal fraternity in Pakistan stands by the independent judiciary and will foil any attempt on the part of any person or institution to undermine its independence.The Council demanded immediate accountability of those in the government and in the media who are parties to this conspiracy.