HAFIZABAD/KAMOKE - The citizens expressed joy over the decision of the Supreme Court regarding the disqualification of Yousuf Raza Gilani. The people distributed sweets after the announcement of the judgment by the apex court. They chanted slogans in favour of the judiciary and Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry.

While lauding the historic verdict of the Supreme Court, the local social, political, labour leaders as well as lawyers community expressed their jubilations and said that Almighty’s wrath has fallen on the PM due to his four year long bad governance creating confusion, uncertainty, discontentment and hunger among the general public.

Powerlooms Workers Union President Muhammad Zaman Ansari and Labour leader Arshad Ansari said that Gilani and his team had deprived the nation of electricity, natural gas, dignity, prestige, jobs and their feed and put the 190 million people in trouble. They said that the judiciary had saved the country.

Lawyers including former DBA General Secretary Tajamal Raza Ch, presidents Arif Hamid, Khalid Tehami, Malik Muhammad Jameel Awan and Malik Muhammad Azam Awan said the latest judgment was a proof that the judiciary today was independent and that no pressure could influence its functioning and verdicts. They expressed solidarity with the Supreme Court and urged it to continue with the dispensation of justice, as the entire nation stood with the apex court.

In KAMOKE, the citizens have praised the Supreme Court of Pakistan decision and have termed the decision regarding Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani’s disqualification as the prime minister as a sign of relief.

Lauding the verdict, many citizens suggested that Gilani should have resigned on April 26 following his conviction for contempt of court. They said that in spite of many conspiracies, the judiciary had upheld the rule of law and the Constitution.

They said the disqualification had come “too late” as Gilani, his sons and his cabinet had already inflicted a lot of damage on the country and the prices of essential commodities and electricity were spiralling out of control. “The masses have been suffering from power shortage, poor law and order condition and high inflation but the Supreme Court’s decision has come as a relief to them,” they added.

Many of them demanded that the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) should announced general elections, instead of appointing another “puppet” prime minister.

Growers protest agai-nst power outage : The growers took out a peaceful rally to protest against prolonged power outage in the rural and urban areas here.

Led by District Kissan Board President Amanullah Chatta, the participants were holding anti-government placards and raising slogans against the rulers for creating discontentment among the public.

Addressing the gathering, Amanullah said that outage in rural areas had gone up to 22 hours a day. Later, the protesters burnt tyres and blocked the roads at Fawara Chowk and staged sit-in demonstration for sometime.