PESHAWAR - Despite the expiry of deadline for departure of illegal Afghan refugees from Pakistan few months ago, a large number of Afghan refugees are present in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and have become a constant source of income for the KPK police.

Some times the original citizens of the country become victims of police harassment when they have no National Identity Card while the illegal Afghan refugees who have neither UN refugee card nor Pakistani nationality are easily traveling from one corner of the country to another if they can fill the pockets of police. Whenever police personnel observe the presence of Afghan nationals in any vehicle they did not forgive them without taking bribe in shape of a handsome amount for their release. 

The illegal Afghan residents have not only occupied the businesses of the local people but have also inducted their near and dears in government departments through unfair means. Sources said that a large number of Afghan refugees who came to Pakistan after Soviet invasion have got jobs through fake identity cards which they have acquired through high approaches.

A large number of them has also purchased land and houses for themselves and got permanently settled in the surroundings of Peshawar.

The areas where they are residing in Peshawar include Zargar Abad, Mohmand Abad, Maskeen Abad, Nothia, Landi Arbab, Garhi Qamar Din, Garhi Atta Mohammad, Hazar Khwani, Urmar, Badhbera and Kohat Road.

The constant residence of Afghan refugees and acquiring nationality through illegal means can also cause poor law and order situation in capital city as some of these people after committing crimes easily while making their way to Afghanistan to take advantage of dual nationality.  

A local resident of Peshawar Wajid Ali Khan said that Afghan nationals were taking full advantage of dual nationality, as they also visiting their country when they are in trouble in this part of Pakhunkhwa. He said that when a Pakistani commits a crime, police can easily arrest him but incase of Afghan national it become difficult to trace the offender.

He said that despite their decade long hospitality whenever Pakistani citizens visit Afghanistan, law-enforcing agencies harassed them and treated them like opponents but here the case was different as Pakistanis were treating them like brothers.

Other residents of Peshawar were of the view that it would be appropriate to limit Afghan refugees to their camps, as they have been restricted in Iran.

Establishing appropriate camps for Afghan refugees at border areas will not only minimize the burden on city but it will also help to trace out relevant data regarding legal and illegal Afghan refugees and also to provide them basic facility through UNHCR.