VEHARI - Hundreds of people demonstrated against Mepco SDO Rana Asghar for demanding bribe for the installation of otherwise approved upgraded electric transformer here the other day.

As per detail, residents of Muslim Town were facing disruption of power supply due to the burning of electric transformer of the area. However, upon contact by the locals, Thingi Sub-division SDO Rana Asghar alleged demanded Rs10,000 bribe for the installation of transformer. Meanwhile, the residents including Mian Khalid Saeed, Mian Akhtar, Ch Asif Sharif, Ch Aslam collected money from the people and offered to the SDO. But he allegedly said that the bribe rates had increased and now people must give him Rs20,000. Annoyed with the attitude of the Mepco officials, angry people took to roads to protest the negligence and ‘highhandedness’ of the official. Grasping the impending angry of the people and creation of law and order, Mepco Xen Sheikh Sharif rushed to the spot and held talks with the public. Meanwhile, the Xen ordered to grid station staffers to release 200 kv transformer basis but they refused on the plea that they had no proper orders.

At which the people besieged the grid station however, DCO Ahsan Bhutta, ADCG and DSP Saddr Mukhtar Joyia reached the spot and got the transformer released.

The residents have demanded stern action against the SDO and other officials.