LAHORE - Days before the Eidul Fitr, thousands of people living temporarily in Lahore have started leaving the provincial metropolitan to celebrate the biggest event with their families and friends in hometowns.

Huge rush was witnessed at different bus terminals and Lahore Railways Station and it would continue till Sunday evening as the Eid is expected on Monday.

Although the federal and the Punjab government announced three holidays (June 26-28), it is a usual practice that government employees take some extra leaves from their concerned departments to avoid standing in long queues in search of bus tickets at city terminals. Beside government servants, the people mostly leave the city days ahead of Eid include students and those doing not-Eid related businesses.

Millions of people leave Lahore twice in a year - Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azha - to celebrate the events with their families. As Lahore is the city of more than 10 million people, it presents a deserted look on both the occasions.

According to some estimate, more than six million people travel on both Eids and departure results an extraordinary rush at bus stands, railway station and city’s exit and entry points.

The transporters, taking benefit of the massive exodus, have also started overcharging the passengers. The transport authorities, as usual, could not be found anywhere to fail to keep a check on overcharging.

Nonetheless, Pakistan Motorways Police ramained vigilant last year and took actions on complaints of extracharging and helped the passenger in returning their money. The highways police, this year, also announced that it would take swift action against transports in case of extracharging.

Transporters, on the other side, try to justify their act of charging extra as they claim they return Lahore empty from other cities. The complaints of extracharging are mostly registered against unknown companies and individual operators as the bus companies like Daewoo, Faisal Movers, Rajput Travel, Belal Services, Niazi Services and others usually take standards fare.

Departure from Lahore started on Tuesday will touch its peak on Friday night, and will get massive on Saturday.

Pakistan Railways has issued schedule of the five special trains, to be run from different cities, to accommodate passengers on Eid-ul Fitr. The first Eid train will leave Karachi for Peshawar on June 23, while the second one will depart from Quetta for Rawalpindi the same day.

The third train will leave Karachi on June 24 for Lahore, while the fourth will start its journey between Rawalpindi and Multan on June 25. The fifth and final special train will leave Multan for Rawalpindi on June 28. Additional coaches will also be added to the routine trains to accommodate the Eid passengers.

The Railways has also offered online booking for these special trains.