KARACHI - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Haleem Adil Sheikh has said that the Sindh governor is facilitating the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) candidate for victory in PS-114 by-election and Governor House has become an election office of Nawaz League.

He was talking to the media on Wednesday. Haleem visited the constituency along with the other party leaders and held meeting with the locals.

Speaking on the occasion, Haleem said that Nawaz League availing the support of the Governor House for victory in the PS-114. He said that former Member of Sindh Assembly Irfan Ullah Khan Marwat and other key political parties leaders have announced their supports to PTI candidate Najeeb Haroon and that has panicked the opponents parties. The PPP under the umbrella of the Sindh Chief Minister House has tasked that education department and Sindh police to get the victory in the by-polls while on the other hand Nawaz League with the support of the Governor House is also in the field to gets its candidate victorious by unfair means.

The PTI leader urged Sindh Governor Mohammad Zubiar to focus on resolving the issues of the province.

He said that the opponents were aware that it was not possible for them to get victory in the by-polls in transparent manner that’s why one of the candidates is availing all the benefits from the provincial government and other from federal government.

He said that PTI has informed Election Commission of Pakistan about the irregularities and use of the government machinery by the opponent candidates in the by election but it is unfortunate that so far nothing has been done in this regard. The current situation has placed a question mark on the ECP and transparency of the election.

PTI leader said that party chairman Imran Khan has written a history by taking bold steps against the corrupt mafia that has been ruling the country and responsible for the miserable condition of the nation.

He said that people were now aware with the nefarious agenda of the corrupt politicians and sees Imran Khan as the last hope, who can bring them out of the crisis, he said claiming that on the election day people of the constituency will vote PTI candidate and make him victorious.  

Demanding deployment of the Paramilitary force ranger inside and outside the polling station on the poll day, he asked the members of the provincial election commission to take notice of the situation and play their role to conduct fair and free election.