A fidget spinner is a device that helps reduce stress and help people focus. The main purpose of this device was to help people suffering from ADHD, autism, anxiety but most experts claim that fidget spinners do more harm than good by actually distracting people more.

This theory can be supported by the countless number of teachers around the world complaining about children being distracted by fidget spinners in class. With these complains many schools have banned such “toys”.

My prominent school memories include playing sports and “trading” pen’s and other stationary in class but now that has changed to children sitting down and doing tricks with fidget spinners and exchanging them.

Basic fidget spinners consist of a two or three pronged design with a bearing in its center circular pad. The origin of fidget spinners is still relatively unknown with some sources calming Catherine Hettinger to be the creator of the fidget spinner but on the other hand some sources question the vast difference in the design of Catherine’s invention and the modern day fidget spinner. But that cannot change the fact that fidget spinners have indeed become the device of 2017.

Most people question how such a simple device became such a huge thing. Some claim that its motion is satisfying and addictive. Another possible reason may be the videos people post about their wild ideas of what to do with fidget spinners, which include spinning it as fast as possible with a high pressure water gun, or trying to make it hydroplane over a body of water or using it to break phones.

Last month, Ketchapp released the fidget spinner app which has received almost seven million downloads. Some factories in China began making fidget spinners instead of phones and other accessories. Perhaps the biggest reason is the pressure to “fit in” with the latest trends of society.

Undoubtedly the biggest demand from children worldwide is fidget spinners. In my opinion the current popularity of the device is completely outrageous, with every store carrying this product. Fidget search increased by almost five per cent this month. Perhaps the most outrageous thing is the price of some fidget spinners ranging from Rs150 to Rs250,000. Some YouTuber’s spend years trying to make it big but on the other hand channels about fidget spinners receive millions of views on each video.

The big question that comes with its popularity is that, whether or not we have reached the peak of the fidget spinner and for how long will its popularity last?