ISLAMABAD - President Mamnoon Hussain has said that the concept of ‘One Belt One Road’ has laid the foundation of far-reaching changes in the world after which the new Strategic Doctrine will be inevitable in the region.

Addressing the 16th Convocation ceremony of National Security and War Course-2017 at the National Defence University on Wednesday, the President expressed optimism that National Defence University (NDU) will play an important role as defence think tank in this regard.

Senior officers from armed forces and state institutions as well as 42 senior officers from 23 friendly countries also attended the course. President NDU Lt. Gen. Rizwan Akhtar also addressed the ceremony which was attended by National Security Adviser Lt. Gen. (Retd) Nasir Janjua.

The President said that twenty-first century has a unique status because of the astonishing inventions and strategic changes.

The concept of China-Pak Economic Corridor and ‘One Belt One Road’ has laid the foundation of far-reaching changes in the world which also have significant relevance to the matters of defence, the President added.

He added that with the progress on these projects there will also be changes in the region's strategic realities. Thus a new Strategic Doctrine will be inevitable. He hoped that National Defence University will meet this future challenge in an effective manner.

The President noted that emergence of new trends of extremism and terrorism during the last three decades has further increased the challenges and Pakistan has to remain in a constant state of war to tackle them.

He appreciated that in such difficult circumstances Pakistani nation and its state institutions have succeeded in this trial. The President said that under the National Action Plan, the Government of Pakistan and its institutions have bravely fought the war against extremism and terrorism and successfully repulsed the enemy.

He expressed confidence that the desired objectives of the operations “Zarb e Azb” and “Radd ul

Fasaad” will be achieved very soon and peace and security will prevail in the motherland.

President Mamnoon Hussain emphasised that Pakistan came into existence with the resolve that it will become a source of promoting global and regional peace and stability through its positive and constructive role and at the internal level Pakistan was envisaged to be an excellent example of a welfare state to the world by ensuring provision of all necessities of life to its citizens with dignity and respect.

But unfortunately, immediately after the creation of Pakistan such incidents began to occur in this region especially in our country which made it difficult to achieve our objectives. These issues also included wars which led to the generation of political, social and economic problems which we are still grappling with, stated the President.

The President further said that in the present era not only the economy and society but also all other fields of life including justice have achieved equal significance like military affairs. In this backdrop, the importance of National Security and War Course has increased more than before.

Welcoming the senior officers from friendly countries participating in the course, the President said that their presence has enhanced the significance of the course because in this age cooperation among nations is the only basis of mutual co-existence.

The President appreciated that NDU has played a valuable role in the study of defence matters, training of the officials of different tiers in state institutions and honing their skills.

He hoped that with the passage of time the performance of this national institute will further improve which will be useful in the defence issues not only for our country but also for the friendly countries.