SADIQABAD - Sale of unhygienic mineral water and soft drinks has been going on unnoticed in Bahadur Chowk locality and surroundings, The Nation has learnt.

According to the report of a survey, the administration has turned a blind eye to the grave situation and let the shopkeepers play with the lives of the poor villagers. They sell polluted water under the guise of multinational mineral water brands. People told The Nation they also sell ice, manufactured from polluted and unhygienic potable water. They regretted that despite repeated complaints; officials of the departments concerned are lethargic to take any action against the malpractice.

Residents of the area demanded the government take action against these involved in sale of such products. They warned to block the road leading to motorways if their demands are not met.


Mepco got seven power pilferers booked with the police and cut their power supply connections here the other day.

The Mepco SDO was tipped off about power pilfering in Mauza Bakhsh Abad and Rahim Abad at which the action was taken against them. Further investigation is underway.