KHYBER AGENCY - Two gunship helicopters of US forces in Afghanistan violated the Pakistani airspace by entering its territory at Torkham border on Wednesday.

Border security forces while confirming the incident said that two American choppers were conducting inspection flight on the Pak-Afghan border when penetrated into Pakistan territory. However, they said that the helicopters returned back to Afghanistan after some time. The locals also confirmed that the two American gunship helicopters entered the Pakistani territory over Torkham border but returned back to Afghanistan. They said the air offence of the American choppers created fears among the dwellers of the area.


APP adds: During various intelligence-based operations, the security forces recovered huge quantity of arms and ammunition from village Maidankai of South Waziristan and village Zarkai of North Wazirstan Agency. According to ISPR,  the recovered arms included LMGs, 12.7, RPG7s, SMGs, grenades, rifles, pistols, explosive boxes, anti personal mines, daggers and various caliber ammunition such as rockets of RPG7, 14.5 mm rounds, ammunition boxes of 12.7, 12 bore rifle rounds, HMG and SMG ammunition.