ISLAMABAD Where money is going, as despite increasing power tariff, the Government is still unable to pay billions of rupees to the Independent Power Producers (IPPs), which may further worsen the energy crisis. TheNation has reliably learnt that the Government yet to pay billions of rupees to the IPPs that might cause trouble in terms of the increase in power outage due to reduction in the energy production by the IPPs. The precedence is available, as in the last summer the IPPs decreased their energy production, which forced the Government to pay their dues. According to reliable sources, the Pakistan Electric Power Company (PEPCO) owed Rs 139 billion to the IPPs and Rs 25 billion to the Pakistan State Oil. At the same time, the IPPs owed Rs 75 billion to the PSO that they would definitely not pay until and unless PEPCO paid them their dues. But the situation reveals that the Government does not seems to be in a position to clear all the debt or major part of it, so the IPPs might reduce power generation in the near future, sources said. Few days back it has happened that the PSO refused to provide fuel to Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) for not paying their dues against the fuel provided to the KESC. That is also amazing that the power tariffs of KESC are even higher than the PEPCO so where all the money is going, which it is collecting from the consumers. They further said that the PSO could any time stop supplying fuel to the IPPs, which would increase power shortfall making lives of the citizens more miserable. Already it is predicted and the Government has itself confessed that in this summer, the power shortfall might cross 5000 megawatt but some people having insight of the situation believe that it would cross 6000 megawatt. A shortfall of 6000-megawatt means that no industry can survive in the country. Moreover, if the IPPs take the decision to decrease their energy generation, what might happen is horrible, sources feared.