SHORKOT - A bridge worth Rs2,109 million will be constructed on River Chenab which will reduce the distance of 120 kilometres to only 12 kilometres. TheNation learnt here Sunday that the National Highway Authorities had launched a mega project, the construction of Sultan Bahu Bridge between Shorkot and Gharh Mehraja. Presently, the distance between both the areas would be reduced from 120 kilometers to 12 kilometers. MNA Saima Akhtar while talking to the newsmen said that she did not make hollow slogans but fulfill the desires of people. Meanwhile, overloading and over speeding has become the routine matter in the area and vehicle driers do not take safety measures while travelling. Talking to the newsmen, people of the area have alleged that the van drivers got packed their vehicles with passengers and also ask them to stand in gates that could cause any untoward incident. They said that this practice was common in Shorkot. They demanded of the district administration to control this illegal practice.