ISLAMABAD - The Constitutional Reforms Committee of the Parliament (CRCP) has further refined its proposal that the Federal Cabinet (inclusive of federal ministers, state ministers and advisers) should not exceed 11 per cent of the total strength of the Parliament. In the face of imminent approval of the constitutional reforms package from the Parliament in next week or so the incumbent coalition government would have to shed the number of both federal and provincial ministers bringing down the cabinet size to below 50 in adherence to the 18th amendment. The sources in the committee informed that Jamhoori Watan Party Senator Shahid Akbar Bugti has also withdrawn the dissenting note he had written regarding the Federal Shariat Court. During the course of discussion on Sunday evening, the committee continued with its task of fine-tuning the draft of 18th amendment, which would be finalised as soon as the renaming issue of NWFP was resolved. The sources in the Pakistan Peoples Party led coalition government informed TheNation that a number of federal and state ministers in the Federal Cabinet were perturbed over the proposed amendment of fixing the upper limit of the Federal Cabinet strength to 11 per cent of the total strength of the Parliament which at present stood at 442, with 342 members in National Assembly and 100 members in Senate. Earlier when this amendment was proposed during the course of constitutional review there was no mention of whether the 11 per cent of total strength of Parliament was just relevant to Federal Ministers or it also included State Ministers and Advisors with status of Federal or State Ministers in it. During the discussion on Sunday evening some members pointed out this flaw in the proposed amendment and it was unanimously agreed upon in the meeting that the 11 per cent condition on the size of the Federal Cabinet also included State Ministers and Advisors with status of ministers besides Federal Ministers. Sources in the committee informed that the coalition government would suffer a jolt after the passage of the 18th amendment from the Parliament, as at present the Federal Cabinet was almost double the size of the strength the committee had proposed for it. A member of the committee on condition of anonymity said that they had accomplished their task and now just waiting for the decision of PML-N and ANP on renaming of NWFP. He added that as soon as they would reach consensus on the matter the committee would hold another session to discuss it in the meeting and would finalise the draft of 18th amendment. The sources in the committee said that most likely PML-N and ANP would be announcing some consensus name of the province after the PML-N Central Executive Committee meeting on 25th of this month and the next day the draft may be tabled before the National Assembly followed by summoning of Joint Sitting of the Parliament on 27th or 29th of this month.