Pakistan capital market during the week ending Friday last remained tied between the divergent pull and even constant interest on part of the foreign investors could not lead it to a bullish momentum. The market opened the week under review on a positive note and benchmark of the countrys mother bourse edged up by two-thirds a percentile during the opening session. Foreign fund managers maintained their interest in the locally listed stocks while the local players remained cautious over highly fluid political as well as security situation in the country. Mixed sentiment reversed the direction during the following session and the market lost little more than what it had bagged as net gain on the preceding day. Thus on Tuesday last the market slipped 71 points on the Karachi Stock Exchanges 100 Index indicating constant divergence in the mood of investors. Players, chiefly, locals preferred to stay on sidelines forcing the Index to lose more value on midweek. Pundits were of the view that the foreign fund managers have been booking fresh orders in the wake of Pak-US strategic dialogue starting March 24 that they believe would yield positive results especially for the economic conditions of Pakistan. However, the local players were to assign more weight to the domestic political developments, particularly, the most likely tabling of the 18th Constitutional Amendment Bill in the Parliament during the week starting Monday (today). Apparently, the stock trade was distant from the developments on the political front the heavyweight players were, closely, watching performance of the Parliamentary Committee on Constitutional Reforms. Besides uneasy public mood over the price hike and other economic hardships in addition to security vulnerabilities triggered violent protests in the twin cities last week. Though not directly, stock traders did have the impact of such occurrences added with growing power outages across the country. That is why perhaps the market closed the midweek session shedding a quarter of a percentile despite reported significant investment by the foreign investors in a single session. Last couple of sessions on the local bourses remained literally dull and directionless. Market though bettered on Thursday last but the gain of the session was too insignificant to indicate a direction in the market. Amid squeezing volumes of trade, the market edged up by only 18.6 points on the KSE-100 Index during the second last session of the week that was. The market again changed its direction of trade on the last day as it slipped by seven points on Friday last. However, the pundits took it as positive omen for the market closing above the psychological barrier of 10,000 points on the KSE-100 Index. Like the traders the analysts too were divided in predicting the future of the market. Some of them were of the view that market would go bullish in the coming days following the suit of the foreign investors who have been registering fresh buying over the last few weeks. Others were to point out deterrents on the external front including political and security situations being highly vulnerable. They believe that the players would take some time in realigning their future investment decisions after the appointment of new Advisor to the PM on Finance Abdul Hafeez Sheikh.