NEW DELHI (Agencies) Refuting reports that India has been 'squeezed out of Afghanistan, Indian External Affairs Minister SM Krishna has said India was playing a 'stellar role in rebuilding the war-torn country, which is acknowledged by the Afghan people and the legitimate government in Kabul. He also said India had taken note of Afghanistan President Hamid Karzais statement that India was a friend and Pakistan a conjoined twin. I do not think that India has been squeezed out. I think India is playing a stellar role in rebuilding Afghanistan which has been acknowledged by the people of Afghanistan and by the legitimate government of Afghanistan, and that is what matters, Krishna said in an interview to Karan Thapar for Devils Advocate on CNN-IBN. He was asked about the media reports that whilst Pakistans influence was growing, India was either left out of the loop or was being squeezed out. On Karzais statement, the minister said, In President Karzais assessment, I think that is the scheme of things. We take note of that, was his reply when asked if it worried India. About attacks on Indians, Krishna replied that those who had gone there on humanitarian purposes were unarmed which made them 'easy and soft targets, but he said Afghanistan government had assured that they would be able to protect the Indian personnel. He said, Apart from what the Afghanistan government is doing, India will have to take some additional measures ourselves. Krishna also rejected the reports that the US Administration was trying to minimise Indias presence in Afghanistan. We have in our interactions with the US Administration at various levels not got the impression that the United States is trying to convey directly or indirectly to the Indian government that our presence in Afghanistan should be minimised. That is not my impression, he said. Krishna said He said the US 'certainly does understand that as it is 'a close observer of the developments both in India and in Pakistan and in Afghanistan, because they have so much at stake in Afghanistan. He said there was a warning that Indian missions and volunteers on humanitarian work in the war-torn country 'are going to be under attack because what India has been doing in Afghanistan is the visible symbol of what India intends to do in building up Afghanistan.