David Headley, a US citizen, has pleaded guilty to all the 12 terrorism charges, including the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai. That has probably given India the room to wriggle out of the composite dialogue, especially as both its polity and people were already afflicted with the 'no talks syndrome that their media has firmly entrenched in the Indian minds. David Headleys links with Indian terror networks would be the focus of attention in the entire region once the Indian establishment quizzes him on them through video conferencing. The involvement of a US citizen in the Mumbai incidents has comforted the Indian Muslims a bit for they routinely live in fear as 'prime suspects after such incidents. It is hoped that findings of Mr Headleys interrogations would be made public. And if they are, the world might come to know new things about the Indian terror networks also. It is openly speculated in India that Hemant Karkare, the slain Chief of the Mumbai Anti Terrorist Squad, was probably assassinated from within as he was about to disclose the activities of terror networks in India that included prominent figures from the Indian Army. Instead of following the established practice of blaming Pakistan or Indian Muslims for all terror-related incident, perhaps it would be appropriate if the Indian government looks inwards for once. It may find the enemy within. -ZAHOOR KHAN, Lahore, March 20.