LAHORE - Strategic position and rich resources have made the Balochistan part of international game and major activities under this game are being carried out on the soil of the Baloch, observed Abdul Rauf Sasooli, Secretary General of Nawab Aali Bugtis Jamhoori Watan Party (JWP-A). In an interview with The Nation on Sunday, Sasooli, a veteran Baloch politician, remarked: We should not expect any good from India rather we should put our house in order to foil the conspiracies of the foreign powers on our soil. He said Balochistan issue could be resolved by bringing the killers of Nawab Akbar Bugti to book, giving provincial autonomy to province, accepting rights of Baloch over their resources, recovery of missing persons and job opportunities for the Baloch. While the remaining portion of the Balochistan problem could be addressed by ending monopoly of the gas companies on the gas resources of Balochs, as they were playing a devious role in pitching the government against the Baloch leaders to get monetary benefits. Former managing director PPL Munsaf Raza and secretary oil and gas Abdullah Yusuf mismanaged the issues at the gas fields of Balochistan and misinformed the government of that time about the conduct of Nawab Akbar Bugti regarding settling the gas rates and other matters, he alleged. Both the officials were considered close to Pervez Musharraf and with the backing of Shaukat Aziz, they pitched the government machinery against the Nawab Akbar Bugti and pushed the events at that time to a point of no return, he added. However, Musharraf had also made his rift with Nawab Bugti, a matter of ego and ultimately martyred the pro-Pakistani political leader and a Baloch chieftain, Sasooli held. Munsaf Raza could be part of the Dr Shazias tragedy, as he had developed a strong rift with Nawab Akbar Bugti and wanted to push the situation to a point where Nawab left either with little options or no option to negotiate with the govt for the rights of his people, he asserted. He said according to his information, some of the patriotic leaders of Musharraf government told the latter that Munsaf Raza, Abdullah Yusuf and Shaukat Aziz ganged up against Nawab Bugti to achieve their monetary agenda and pitching the government against such a person who was not anti-army and Pakistan. However, he was a pro-Pakistani and good negotiator and the state should not had proceeded against him but Musharraf had taken all such information on deaf ears. Current MD PPL, Khalid Rehman and gas companies are playing once again the same role, which their predecessors had played during Musharraf regime and are vying to maintain the status quo in order to carry on their financial irregularities and embezzlements in the revenues of gas fields, he charged. PPP-led government and PML-N wanted to solve the issue of the Balochistan but these self-interest motivated gas cartels astray the major political forces to achieve the goal of peace in the volatile province. The coalition partners in the government and PML-N should appoint bi-partisan and people with clean track record to run the gas companies in order to address Balochistan issue.