ISLAMABAD ANP and PML-N are apparently still unmoved on issue of renaming of the NWFP, as PML-N is opposing the name 'Pakhtunkhaw while ANP has already threatened PPP to boycott the legislation session in the Parliament. According to some reports, several meetings between the two parties have been held to resolve the issue but all these finished with a deadlock. However, once again, PML (N) is about to suggest 'Abbasin Pakhtunkhaw as new name for NWFP but, it is yet to observe that either ANP will give a green signal to the suggestion or remain firm with its stance. However, a central leader of the ANP, when contacted in this regard, said that his party had not yet received any such proposal. He added that the partys think tank would take a decision regarding any suggestion if forwarded by PML (N). To a question about 'Abbasin Pakhtunkhaw, he said that if this name is suggested for NWFP then Punjab should be renamed as 'Saraiki Punjab. He said that PML-N had also suggested the name 'Gandhara but half of the Gandhara population was living in Punjab, therefore, would Punjab agree to include that part in the NWFP, he questioned. ANPs stance is quite clear on the renaming, however if there is any such suggestion then it should be forwarded to the Constitutional Reform Committee, ANP leader said. He said that ANP was serious in resolving the issue but the delay was on part of PML-N. To another question, he said that no meeting between Asfandayar Wali Khan and Mian Nawaz Sharrif was planned to discuss the issue however, he has sent a delegation for talks that were ended with no solution. He was of the view that the Chairman of the Constitutional Reform Committee of the Parliament (CRCP) was in hurry to finish the job. I do not know who is pressurising him. We should give it some more time to resolve other issue too, he added. He further criticised the CRCP for neglecting some points of the Charter of Democracy and said that it was mentioned in the CoD that FATA (Federally Administrated Tribal Area) would be included in the NWFP province but the Committee was reluctant to do so. He said that the President made legislation for the FATA, which should be a right of the provincial assembly. Meanwhile, Akhwanzada Chittan, a legislator from FATA, has already demanded in the National Assembly that the laws should be same for the FATA and other provinces of the country. It may be mentioned here that the CRCP was going to shape the draft with in next two or three days. However, there are reports that the members from FATA had conveyed their concerns to Raza Rabbani that they were not being taken into the confidence by their representatives in CRCP. While on the other hand the coalition parties of the PPP have reportedly threatened the Government to boycott of the legislation in the Senate. They were of the view that the Prime Minister and ministers did not take the Senate seriously and a majority of the ministers were reluctant to attend the Senate session. They said that the Government should recognise role of the Senate. It may be noted here that the warning had come forth on the time when the Government was going to table the Constitutional reform bill.