LAHORE - The Sabzazar Scheme is a fast developing posh residential colony, located nearest to the City area. The population has since multiplied, and commercial centres and markets are humming with business, schools, colleges and hospitals but the parks under the Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) are in a shambles. The Authority has failed to pay attention to the parks and develop them properly. The C-Block park in Sabzazar Scheme has been occupied by 'qabza mafia and the government has failed to establish its writ to vacate the park from their illegal occupation. The park spreading on 10 kanals of land is perhaps the only public place in the area to serve as a recreation centre for women and children, walkers, elderly and other community service like Eid prayers, funeral congregations, meeting venue for the residents but encroachment has marred all these activities. The PHA has also failed to provide benches and seats, swings for children, jogging track, tree plantation, tube well and other facilities, although the senior officials of the Authority prepared a PC-1 to develop the park a couple of months ago. Pending proper development, the place is vulnerable to further encroachment and illegal occupation by the Qabza groups while it has already become virtually a criminals den. It looks barren and ugly without plants and grass and without any gardener or guard to protect the precious land. The residents of the area approached the higher authorities a number of times but neither the encroachments have been removed nor the park developed. There are 9/10 cemented houses spreading on 7 to 10 marla pieces of land inside the park. A house has been built partly in the park and the adjoining road creating hurdle for the pedestrians and vehicular traffic. The uneven sites in the park also create obnoxious look. The stagnant water in the deep ditches produce mosquitoes and is a source of diseases. The residents have raised eye-brows on the apathy of the authorities concerned because when the entire scheme has been developed why the parks have been ignored? It is reported that the land grabbers are occupying the park land in connivance with the government officials concerned. The plight of D-Block Park is also pitiable. There are no adequate trees nor the sanitation. The PHA was supposed to post a sanitary worker, guards and more gardeners to protect the installations in the Park, but the PHA has failed to post proper staff in the park for its maintenance, which is perhaps the dirtiest park in the city. This park is a hub of wanderers and gamblers who play in the day light while a Jamia Mosque is located facing the park. The residents of the area have also urged the PHA to post proper staff in the park and plant more trees and flowers for the restoration of its status as a park. The E-Block park is also in a shambles. This is a grossy and clean park but has no remarkable shady trees, plants and flowers. It also lacks jogging track and adequate installations for children recreation.