ISLAMABAD The crucial strategic dialogue, which will begin between Washington and Islamabad on March 24, is unlikely to make any major headway largely because of the US bias in addressing Pakistans national security concerns. Background interviews and discussions with credible diplomatic and military sources revealed to TheNation that the US diplomatic posturing ahead of the high calibre strategic dialogue suggested that the USs bias towards Pakistan vis-a-vis India would not let the talks to obtain some strategic value. The strategic dialogue process would be of no meaning, as the US authorities failed to address Pakistans national security concerns relating to India, military sources said. They were of the view that despite some US concessions to Pakistan as consequence of the KLB Act, future of bilateral co-operation between the two countries would largely depend on the value of the strategic dialogue in addressing Pakistans security concerns. The US has ostensibly taken position that it would not address Pakistans concerns relating to India, which shows the level sincerity being exhibited by the US officials in addressing Pakistans national security concerns, a source said. It added that the US lollypops to Pakistan would not be helpful in addressing Pakistans concerns relating to strategic balance in the region until the US recognises Pakistan as a legitimate nuclear armed state. The sources were of the view that the US image in Pakistan could only be improved by building a trustworthy and long-term relations and that were possible only how the US addresses Pakistans concerns relating to its national security. If US can recognise India as a legitimate nuclear armed state, what stops the US authorities in according Pakistan the same concessions, source questioned, adding that Pakistan had acquired nuclear weapons to maintain a minimum deterrence as follow up to the India nuclear programme. They were of the view that since Pakistan and India were still embroiled into the core Kashmir dispute, how could Pakistan guaranteed any long-term and beneficial bilateral framework unless the US recognises its primary concerns. Apart from this, other issues relating to Pakistans national security to be highlighted by the high level Pakistani delegation that include provision of nuclear power plants by the US to help meet Pakistans energy needs. Provision of drone technology to Pakistan would also be discussed during the three-day dialogue to be participated in addition to the civilians by the top-notch military and security leaders of the two countries. According to the informed sources, the Pakistani team would highlight the countrys security concerns relating to Afghanistan with primary focus on issues relating to counterterrorism plans, reintegration of Afghan Taliban, Indo-Afghan propaganda against Pakistan army and its intelligence agencies, Indias involvement in Balochsitan and its constant efforts to destabilise Pakistan through Afghan soil border and Pak-Afghan border management.