MIRANSHAH (Reuters/AFP) A US drone aircraft fired two missiles into a suspected Al-Qaeda and Taliban hideout in North Waziristan Agency on the Afghan border on Sunday, killing eight militants, Pakistani intelligence officials said. The identity of the militants killed in the Lowari Mandi area of the North Waziristan tribal region was not known. A US drone fired two missiles on a militant compound near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. Eight militants were killed, a senior security official told AFP. It is not immediately clear if there was any important target, he added. Two other security officials and an intelligence official confirmed the drone strike and death toll in the Inzar village of the tribal district. The targeted compound belongs to a relative of a militant commander, the official said, adding that the militants had not yet begun rescue activities as US drones were still flying above the site. Militants have not started removing bodies yet, he said. Fire is still raging in the targeted compound, resident Abdul Akbar said by telephone. US drone attacks target Taliban and Al-Qaeda-linked commanders in Pakistans northwest tribal belt, where militant networks have carved out havens in lawless mountains outside direct government control. North Waziristan, which is infested with multiple militant factions, is increasingly the focus of the US drone war against Al-Qaeda and Taliban fighters active in nearby Afghanistan. North Waziristans prominence in the covert US drone war has grown since a Jordanian Al-Qaeda double agent blew himself up killing seven CIA employees in a neighbouring Afghan province in December. More than 830 people have been killed in more than 90 US strikes in Pakistan since August 2008, with a surge in the past year as US President Barack Obama puts Pakistan at the heart of his fight against Al-Qaeda.