MIRANSHAH (INP) - Taliban have killed four persons on charges of spying for the US. Their bullet-riddled bodies were recovered from Dattakheil and Mirali areas of North Waziristan Agency (NWA) on Monday. Among the killed three were local tribesmen and one was Afghan national, official sources said. Local sources said the dead body of the Afghan national riddled with bullets, was found from a road-side in tehsil Mirali with a note attached. Everyone who will practice spying for the US will meet the same fate, the note read. Three other dead bodies riddled with bullets were found in Manzar Kheil area of Datta Kheil along the road-side having a similar note. All the three killed by Taliban were local tribesmen who were kidnapped some days ago by special group of Taliban identified as 'Khurrassan group which was specifically formed to deal with the spies, sources who refused to be identified told. The sources further said the dead bodies of spies could not be removed from the spot before the scheduled time so that they could be seen by the locals and government officials and send a loud message of Talibans to the area.