The undue protest by a group of provincial civil service officers in civil secretariat, during office hours, the other say in Lahore should be condemned, to say the least. It is worthwhile that Punjab government has regularized the services of as many as 82562 officers and officials belonging to different departments during the last three years. These include 70004 officials from one to 15 grade and 12558 officers of grade-16 and above. This shows strong commitment of the Punjab government towards the welfare of the provincial government machinery. However, civil secretariat protest shows the sad affairs of Punjab civil service which is supposed to be public servant department and behave in a way that doesnt belittle its immaculate status and intellect. Unfortunately, some PCS officers are trying to hoodwink the people with their unlawful demands which are self-motivated, un-constitutional and against the spirit of federation and constitution of Pakistan 1973. Their demand of removing DMG from the province is unconstitutional as if we dislocate the DMG then who will run affairs between provinces and the Centre. Can PCS fill vacuum of DMGs competence? Certainly not Have the PCS ever tried to stop rampant corruption especially in Board of Revenue? Have they tried to simplify office working in civil secretariat or have they willingly opened their doors to common man? For ordinary people, they are equally bad as like other services. If PCS is so fond of agitation then they should join politics and let the more competent youth to serve masses. I demand the Punjab government to take strict action against the agitators who have no regard for the office decorum and public welfare. They want to enjoy the GOR-1 Bungalows but for that they should also be able to exhibit competence of the elite DMG. Instead of ruining the established norms by acting as politicians, which is detrimental to the spirit and philosophy of a neutral and apolitical civil service, the agitators should serve the poor masses and win their hearts with altruistic service-delivery. This is the only lesson, PCS should follow. QUDRAT ULLAH, Lahore, March 20.