LAHORE 'Baam-o-Dar a solo exhibition of renowned artist GN Qazi was kicked off at Ocean Art Gallery, Gulberg here on Monday. GN Qazis oil on canvas cityscapes, often devoid of figures, conjure a bygone era. Empty staircases wind through narrow enclosures and disappear into mysterious byways of crowded Mohallas and spacious Havelis. Those painted in nearly monochromatic colour schemes evoke the romanticised impression of a time when streets were less crowded and the absence of a multitude of sign boards would not obscure handsome facades. Though colours are surreal and composition is flattened in some of Qazis cityscapes, the essence of a Mughal presence is manifest. Many paintings with kite-filled sky might make the viewer wonder if the Mughals enjoyed flying kites as much as present day Pakistanis do. The colourful diamond shapes of hovering kites that dot the sky are echoed by patterns of multihued windows that dance across the architectural landscape. Domes, turrets, jharokas and minarets situate themselves so as to almost be the place one recognises but not quite the place he thought. Qazis paintings capture the essence of a thriving metropolis, albeit, a much quieter, more pacifistic city than we know today. On the occasion, Qazi put on display his 34 pieces of painting, having sights of walled city. A large number of art lovers were present at the gallery who appreciated the work, saying it is good effort to preserve the cultural heritage of the country.