Everybody thought that the really big thing that happened in this infuriating city of ours is that Raymond Davis was released. None seems to have noticed that the release may have been because blood money was paid to the heirs of the victims, but actually it seems to have been an exchange. Ch Moonis Elahi was arrested, or rather surrendered, on the same day, almost as if in exchange. Admittedly, Davis is some CIA contractor, while Moonis is the son of the last Punjab Chief Minister, but then one is American, the other is not, so while one could well be arrested, the other should not have been. The release of Raymond Davis was challenged in the Lahore High Court, though its Chief Justice has declined to hear the case, not because he was a lawyer in the buffalo-theft case which Raymond Davis is supposed to have instituted against the murdered lads (which buffalo theft is the only means the police had to show the 'old enmity so beloved of the police when dealing with such cases), but probably because there was no real way the LHC can get Davis, not so much because he is abroad, as because he is an American, and as such can do no wrong, and someone for whom the War on Terror is being fought. However, considering the fascination amounting to an obsession with buffaloes that policemen seen to have, some investigator or the other has dotted the Is and crossed the ts, and is asking why Raymond Davis has not taken back the buffalo the two dead boys have stolen from him. Any policeman worth his salt would have taken back the buffalo, and indeed taken it with him to the USA, where it would have been just the right gift for the little wifey after her long wait for her husband, especially after this absence took place because he was busy with his Glock semiautomatic. I am at liberty to disclose that the Punjab police believes that Daviss buffalo was stolen by Ch Moonis, and though the FIA has arrested him for the NICL scam, the FIA officials who started in the Punjab police are trying to pin the theft of Daviss buffalo on him, because they understand buffaloes and their theft better than they understand insurance scams. And Ch Moonis by family tradition, not just as a Nat Jat, but as Ch Zahoor Elahis grandson, is well acquainted with cattle, and thus with cattle theft. For it should not be forgotten that cattle are such that where they are involved there is also theft. And since thieves are acquainted both with the finer points of the animals and the waterways of the province, the use of the canals for cattle theft is inevitable. In fact, as a back-up. The police has got the case against Moonis maternal grandfather in a frame, not for sentimental reasons, but waiting for Moonis. And it is no defence to say that Moonis was either not born or a baby at the time of occurrence. After all, the police only needs enough time As a sort of precursor for Moonis, there was the arrest of former Religious Affairs Minister Hamid Saeed Kazmi, involved in the Haj scam, which has left the police really confused, for though Maulana Kazmi is as much a 'son as Moonis, being the son of Maulana Saeed Kazmi who moved to Multan originally from Amroha, the FIA could not see its way to involving him in buffalo theft, though the Multan police has as affectionate memories of buffaloes as any cop. Does anyone know why Davis has such an overpowering affection for buffaloes, that they provoked him to murder, and why he has taken a buffalo back to the USA? He is an ex-armyman, and ex-armymen, even Pakistani, are not known for their love of buffaloes. Our Armymen are not even distinguished by trying to hide their rural origin, which is something that everyone does until it is time to go back to The Village for a birth, wedding or funeral, or for a holiday inbetween. That is the time when everyone emphasizes their rural origin. The secret is whether or not there is any love for buffaloes. After all, as the saying goes, many are rural (sorry, called), but few are buffalo lovers (sorry, are chosen). Except policemen. So much so that I suspect them of teaching a course on the buffalo at Sihala, alongside the one on how to interrogate a suspect while eating a meal (it seems youre supposed to kick the suspect, not hit him, while eating standing up). One thing that Mualana Hamid Saeed Kazmi has to handle is that he is not just a Maulana, but the son of one. And to have been arrested for fraud is bad enough, even if he is acquitted after being given benefit of doubt is bad enough, and is probably worse than buffalo theft. It is the possibility of being accused of buffalo theft that produces Unification Blocs, which went on being protested in the Punjab Assembly. After all, those who oppose the government deserve at least to be suspected of buffalo theft, which it seems is all that the rural populace does in its very ample spare time. Both the Maulana and Moonis should note that the protests taking place all over the country are not over their arrests, but over the release of Raymmond Davis. Not just Davis, but the whole USA, was irreparably harmed by the fact that the demonstrators burned tires.