LAHORE A local lawyer has moved a writ petition before the Lahore High Court to question the payment of Diyat by the Government of Pakistan for the release of American national and double murder accused, Raymond Davis. The petitioner Ilmuddin Ghazi has termed the award of Diyat by the Pakistani government for the offence of a foreign national illegal, unlawful and un-Islamic. The petitioner has also urged the court to initiate proceedings to ascertain who are responsible for not inserting section 7 of Anti Terrorism Act (ATA) in the murder FIR against Raymond after he openly killed two citizens creating wide spread terror and was involved in espionage in the country which all made for a heinous offence, but the case against him was kept soft to let him go free. The petitioner submitted that sudden release of accused Raymond Davis in double murder case had left the people in shock. He said he remained involved in anti-Pakistan activities for three years but the investigators did not probe him on these lines. He said his release had left numerous questions in the minds of the people and the impression is IG Police and all other concerned police officials, officials of prosecutor Punjab, additional district sessions judge Yousaf Aujla, Punjab Law minister, and Punjab Revenue Ministry failed in fulfilling their respective responsibilities and went all out in favouring the accused in his release. He said the federal government paid Diyat money from the national exchequer, which was money of the tax payers and did not warrant to be used on release of a foreigner who had killed two Pakistanis and had long been involved in the anti-state activities. The petitioner said name of the accused was on ECL on the directions of the LHC but he was sent abroad without permission of the court. He requested the court to ask the responsible that why they did not put sections of Anti Terrorism Act against the accused, which duly applicable to offence of the killer and had to restrict his release in such an easy way.