ISLAMABAD - In a major development, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Monday started issuing notices to 700,000 non-taxpayers to submit their returns within thirty days period as part of the FBR punitive drive against non-tax payers. The FBR has started issuing notices to 0.7 million such non-taxpayers, who are not paying taxes despite well-to-do, and according to the law they have to submit their returns within thirty days period, said Asrar Rauf, Additional Secretary Revenue Division while talking to The Nation on Monday. However, he did not specify the actual numbers of people for whom notices were issued. He said, The process of issuing notices to 0.7 million non-taxpayers has been started throughout the country and will get completed in next few days. If FBR does not satisfy with the reply of non-taxpayers after 30 days period, then it would issue the notices of recovery, he added. However, anyone provides correct information and pays the taxes, the government would stop action against them, he maintained. It might be mentioned here that the government had traced 2.3 million non-taxpayers and it would bring them into the tax net. In this regard, the government had started the process on Monday. The government is taking these steps in order to reach the revised annual tax collection target of Rs 1604 billion for the ongoing fiscal year, as the government already took several steps to generate additional revenue in the remaining period of the ongoing financial year, an official of FBR said. The government, on March 15, through Presidential Ordinance, took several revenue generation measures to generate Rs 53 billion during the last quarter (April-June) of the ongoing financial year 2010-11. According to the revenue generation measures, the government imposed 15 per cent flood surcharge, increase the special excise duty and withdrew all tax exemptions given to several sectors and commodities.