LAHORE Calling for an open debate on release of CIA contractor Raymond Davis at the Punjab Assembly floor, the opposition legislators, mainly from PMLQ, alleged that the Punjab government was on board in departure of the US spy. Besides, PML-Ns female legislators remarks against father of Azma Zahid Bokhari caused exchange of harsh words, allegations and counter-allegations that ultimately led to token walkout of all female legislators from the ruling party. A female legislator suggested Azma to get information from his father, who was counsel of one of victim, in Raymond Davis case. Infuriated Azma responded that it was the Punjab government that took no interest in prosecution. She termed PML-N female legislators uneducated. With vocal Azma Bokhari not allowing others to speak, the PML-N female legislators staged a walkout. The legislators also chanted slogans whenever a PML-N man tried to clarify his partys position over the issue. Ch Zaheer-ud-Din, Seemal Kamran, Amna Ulfat, Samina Khawar Hayat and Amer Sultan Cheema criticised the Punjab government for its alleged role in release of Raymond Davis. PML-Qs Ch Zaheer-ud-Din said there was question mark over presence of all the heirs in the court and lawyers absence on the day Raymond Davis was released. He said the detailed judgement clearly indicated that the government did nothing in prosecution. He said the prosecution did not present a single witness. He said the House wanted to get the clear picture. Amer Sultan Cheema said the victims heirs were now like missing persons. He said the House should be informed about the whereabouts of victim families. Amna Ulfat said the treasury sent Davis back to the US and now pretending and protesting against the act.