NEW YORK - Veteran US Journalist Helen Thomas has said that Jews have total control over the White House and US Congress, and that Everybody is in the pocket of the Israeli lobbies. Ms. Thomas, 90, who is of Lebanese descent, also firmly defended her comments about Israel that ignited outrage among Jews in America and elsewhere, and led to her dismissal from the White House press corps after almost 70 years in the profession. In her first public interview on the matter, Ms. Thomas, who is of Lebanese descent, held firm to her position that Jews should get the hell out of Palestine and go home [to Germany or Poland]. The interview was published in the March edition of Playboy magazine, after mainstream publications declined to give Thomas a platform. You cannot say anything about Israel in this country, she told Playboy magazine. Everybody knows my feelings that the Palestinians have been shortchanged in every way. Sure, the Israelis have a right to exist but where they were born, not to come and take someone elses home. Ive had it up to here with the violations against the Palestinians. Her condemnation was initially stated in an off-the-cuff comment to Rabbi David Nesenoff of in May 2010. The ensuing controversy forced Thomas to leave her post as columnist for Hearst Newspapers, lost her a lucrative book deal, and caused the Society of Professional Journalists to drop the Helen Thomas Award for Lifetime Achievement. Well, theres no understanding of the Palestinians at all. I mean, theyre living there and these people want to come and take their homes and land and water and kill their children and kill them, she told Playboy. How many are still under arrest in Israel-never been charged, never been tried, never been convicted? I want people to understand why the Palestinians are upset. They are incarcerated and living in an open prison. Thomas is known for asking uncharacteristically tough questions and has grilled both US President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Israels undeclared nuclear programme. She also famously asked White House Press Secretary Tony Snow why the US was not stopping the 2006 Israeli bombing of Lebanon. We have that much control with the Israelis we have gone for collective punishment against all of Lebanon and Palestine, she said. While admitting her remarks about Jews going back to Germany and Poland could have evoked memories of the concentration camps, Thomas defended her position, saying that Jews would not have been persecuted in post-World War II Europe. They cant just come in and say, 'This is my home, knock on the door at three in the morning and have the Israeli military take them out, Thomas said. Thats what happens. And thats what happened to the Jews in Germany. Why do they inflict that same pain on people who did nothing to them? Thomas condemned the large US military assistance to Israel and accused Washington of being infiltrated by the Jewish lobby.