ISLAMABAD Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman has said that Pakistan has reservations over US-India nuclear agreement because nuclear imbalance can be detrimental to regional peace. Addressing a seminar on 'Fissile Material Treaty (FMT): Possibility and Prospects held in Islamabad on Monday, Rao Qamar said that US-India nuclear agreement was biased and Pakistan was not ignorant to its defence. Rao was the chief guest and the key note speaker on the occasion. If India increases the number of its nukes then Pakistan will have no option other than to reciprocate, he said. Similarly, the defence budget could also be raised if India did so, he added. He said that Pakistani nuclear arsenal was in safe hands and its command and control system was one of the worlds best systems. Pakistan wanted peace in the region and was playing vital role in this regard. Rao said Pakistan was following a policy of peaceful co-existence in the region, but at the same time it could not remain oblivious to developments taking place in South Asia. The Air Chief said, Pakistan is a reluctant entrant into the nuclear business. It decided to embark on a nuclear programme - not as a matter of choice, but out of compulsion. As a nuclear weapon state, Pakistan is fully cognizant of its responsibilities, and has established effective and robust Command and Control structures along with comprehensive export control and regulatory regimes. These are fully compatible with international practices and global regimes - and are acknowledged internationally. Pakistan will continue to maintain the policy of 'minimum credible deterrence, and does not wish to enter into nuclear arms race. He further said, Pakistan considers conference on disarmament as the sole forum entrusted to negotiate disarmament agreements with a view to achieve complete and general disarmament and has always remained constructively involved in its proceedings, he said. Nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament objectives in South Asia are linked with regional security dynamics and the need to address existing asymmetries and resolution of outstanding disputes. Pakistan is a peace-loving country and wants to live in the region, with honour and dignity. It has been and would always remain supportive of international non-proliferation and disarmament related initiatives, which are based on the principals of universality and non-discrimination, but shall not compromise on its national security, Rao said.