LAHORE The new PIA MD has so far been unable to put the airline on the route to progress, as the team of ex-MD Ijaz Haroon continues to hold the sway in airlines affairs, said sources on Monday. Sources said that the failure of business plans over the years to achieve the projected revenue targets are major reasons for the losses. Ineffective business plans were submitted to EXIM Bank of USA to finance the induction of Boeing 777s over 2001-2003. Those responsible for submitting these business plans have not been held accountable, nor have those been taken to task who negotiated commercial loans at exorbitant interest rates, said an office-bearer of an association of PIA. He said the protest and hectic efforts made by various associations and employees of PIA to oust former MD seemed to have proved futile as no action has been taken by the new MD till now to rectify the wrongs, nor can such remedial measures be undertaken if the same team of executive directors and general managers continues to hold posts. PIA submitted another business plan to justify the induction of more aircraft over 2009-2010. This business plan was shelved when the government refused to inject adequate financial support or more loans on sovereign guarantees. Sources said that thereafter another business plan was made by the same team that had submitted earlier failed plans to justify the proposed surrender of key take-off slots and routes to Turk Hava Yollari vide the record of discussion agreement signed on Dec 29, 2010. An Aviation expert said that unless PIA is cleansed of the parasites who are involved in its destruction, the airline will never be able to earn profits. The exaggerated operating costs, administrative expenses and poorly-negotiated MRO contracts are the cause for PIAs collapse, said a senior PIA officer seeking anonymity. He said: Just look at the 2009 balance sheet of Turk Hava Yollari whose charges/fares if compared to those charged by PIA, the total revenues/income was 723 trillion while the total expenses were 177.90 trillion. This should reveal the massive corruption that is taking place in PIA. Turk Hava Yollari buys fuel at the same international market rates, and its salary bill is also comparable to PIA, he lamented. He said that the only difference is that Turk Hava Yollari is being run by highly qualified team of executives with an impeccable record of integrity. The CEO and his deputy are PhDs, while the marketing division is headed by another qualified and experienced professional. Compare this with the qualifications and controversies that surround the cronies who dominate PIA executive corridor, and the contrast is visible. PIA surplus staff contributes more to its inefficiency and pilferages than on the salary bill. The national airlines top management has to enforce financial and administrative discipline, which can only be done if the top executives are clean and appointments are made on merit.