16th March, once again has become a landmark in Pakistan history. Two years ago, this day was the victory day of the public feelings when an Independent Judiciary under Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry was restored in the country. Two years later i.e in 2011, this day will be remembered as "A Day of Great Shame" when an established US spy and killer of two Pakistani youths was let free against the public feelings by the democratically elected government of Pakistan in a most shady manner. Raymond Allen Davis, a US CIA contractorwho was facing a trial of killing two innocent youths and causing deaths to two others and was not enjoying any diplomatic immunity was set free by Additional District and session Judge Muhammad Yousaf Aujla on Wednesday, the 16th March, 2011 in a most dramatic fashion. The news of its release was no less than a Tsunami for Pakistan. The entire nation was indeep shock and fuming in rage especially when the PM YousafRaza Gilani on the floor of the house assured thenation that he would go along with the sentiments of the public in Raymond Davis case and his trial would be fair. In fact John Kerry was also told by a person no less than the President of Pakistan Mr Asif Ali Zardari that the case was sub-judice and that let the court decide. All this drama by the rulers was perhaps for public consumption and in actual fact they had assured the representative of Obama, Mr Kerry that they would let Raymond free at an appropriate time when the public emotions subside with time. His release has proved that our rulers can go to any extent in selling out their conscience under pressure. The rulers may say anything to justify his release but one thing is clear that our governmentdid not care for public sentiments and behaved in a most shameful manner in releasing the US Spy who could have revealed many terrorists networks in Pakistan if properly interrogated by our traditional methods of 3rd degree. It is a pity that a criminalwho committedgrave crimes in our country was given VVIP treatment in detention; was provided special menu, wine (on Valentine Day), laptop and access to outside world in the jail. I cannot predict the public reaction on his release but one thing is sure that the government has lost its credibility and respect in the public eyes. The rulers and the parliamentarians cannot claim that they are public representatives anymore. The Federal and the Punjab governments both are responsible for this shameful act. The only remedy available to the government for the face saving now left is that they should expel all American contract workers from the countrywithin 48 hours declaring them persona non grata. MUHAMMAD AZHAR KHWAJA, Lahore, March 18.