I am delighted to know that Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust has started the construction work of its second Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital in Peshawar city. According to a news story published recently in newspapers, a complete cancer hospital is going to be established in the city which intends to provide medical and healthcare facilities at their doorstep, to those patients of the area, who had to travel to distant cities like Lahore, for the treatment purpose. The construction of a comprehensive cancer diagnosis and treatment facility such as this, in Peshawar, will not only minimize the travel expense of these people who had no other option but to travel to Lahore to seek cancer treatment and medical care, but will certainly help raise healthcare standards and provide employment opportunities to people in the area as well. It is a fact that Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital has been providing free diagnostic and treatment facilities to those cancer patients who cannot afford the highly expensive treatment of cancer, for the last many years. The hospital is able to do so by the donations and funds as it is a charitable organization. I personally feel that as a responsible citizen of the society, it is now our moral duty to participate in this humanitarian cause and play our role by providing financial and moral support to this organization, as much as we can. I appeal to all the prosperous people of the society and the government to come forward, help and donate even more generously in this cause. SHAHID MUNIR, Peshawar, March 21.