LAHORE - Senior Pakistan Muslim League-Q leader SM Zafar says the PML-Likeminded are like the 'gypsy in politics' and will continue wandering in the wilderness of politics.

In a statement here on Thursday, he said the viewpoint that the PPP is cannibalising the PML-Q is half truth. "The whole truth is that by joining PPP, PML-Q started becoming weaker and unpopular amongst Muslim League voters who cannot adjust the compromise with PPP. On account of this weakness, PML-Q became a prey to many political parties and particularly PML-N because of the brand name of Muslim League which it also carries."

It is true, Zafar said, that now other political parties are also taking advantage and are following suit. "Otherwise, Pakistan Muslim League-Q by virtue of its past has merit to stand on its own legs provided it does this independently."