RAWALPINDI – The elder brother of Gujar Khan based surgeon, who died of Swine Flu (H1N1 influenza) at Holy Family Hospital (HFH) two days ago, also contracted the lethal disease.

The National Institute of Health (NIH) declared Mehmood Alam, aged 50, the elder brother of Dr Matloob Ahmed (late), a patient of Swine Flu, informed doctors here on Thursday.

It is pertinent to mention here that Surgeon Dr Matloob Ahmed, aged 45, a resident of Gujar Khan, was died due to Swine Flu on March 19. He was brought to HFH with the symptoms of Swine Flu on March 13.

According to doctors, Mehmood Alam, aged 50, who looked after the patient after the disease, also contracted the lethal decease.

They said that he was suffering from flu like symptoms three days ago. The hospital doctors sent his throat swap for swine flu test to NIH.

However, the report arrived at hospital and the hospital administration contacted Mehmood Alam but he was in Bukhar for funeral prayers and Quls for his brother at their native village.

The doctors advised to come back to Rawalpindi for the treatment. The swine flu patient agreed to come back and he would reach the hospital on Friday.

Dr Javed Hayat, Incharge Infectious Diseases, informed The Nation that the patient was suffering from flu and soar throat for last three days. He said that as he did care of his brother to wash him at ventilator and we sent his throat swaps to NIH, which confirmed that he was suffering from swine flu.