RAWALPINDI – The Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) celebrated the World Water Day to highlight the importance of clean drinking water here on Thursday.

In this regard, a seminar was also organized by WASA which was attended by Director General (DG) Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) Chaudhry Naseer Ahmad, Managing Director (MD) WASA Raja Shuakat Mahmood, the staff of WASA, RDA, Park and Horticulture Authority (PHA), civil society and media personnel.

Addressing the seminar, the DG RDA and the MD WASA said that the scarcity of water was being observed in Pakistan as well as in all over the world.

It was the need of hour to augment new water sources to overcome the upcoming shortage of water in Pakistan and especially in Potohar Region.

The construction work of Chirah and Daducha Dams in Potohar Region should be initiated immediately, they said.                 

The DG RDA said that WASA was planning major projects of water augmentation to overcome the shortage of water in Rawalpindi city.

The projects includes Indus River water of 200 MGD and Chirah Dam of 14 MGD being under execution with the cooperation of CDA and these projects after completion would be giving clean drinking water for future needs of twin cities.

On the occasion, MD WASA Raja Shaukat Mahmood said that WASA was striving hard to provide clean drinking water to the citizens and all the efforts were being made in this regard.

He appealed the consumers that prevailing situation demands conservation of water and consumers could play pivotal role to conserve and minimize the wastage of water. WASA also requested to general public and specifically to its consumers to cooperate in conservation and economical use of water.

He said that WASA was working day and night to ensure the contamination free provision of water to the citizen and in this regard purposeful steps are being taken at our side.

In house free leakage repair, cleaning and disinfection of WASA’s OHRs and consumer’s water tanks, continuous water quality monitoring, sampling and testing by a qualified Water Qulaity Team and larvaciding for dengue eradication drives were being implemented. In this regard comprehensive SOPs / action plan was being followed, he added.

In the end, a water awareness walk was also arranged at Benazir Bhutto Road (BBR).