SWAT- A high level meeting under the supervision of Deputy Commissioner Kamran Rehman khan was held on Thursday in which instructions from Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) were discussed.

The meeting was attended by all political parties sub-division presidents and general secretaries while Col Shahid Khan from Pak Army, District Police Officer and other officers were present on the occasion.

DC Kamran Rehman Khan ordered to all sub-division presidents of the different political parties that they should remove all the posters, hoardings and banners till March 30, otherwise, local administration will itself carry out and also penalise any person found violating the conduct under Section- 188, of PPC 1860.

He further expressed that no person or a political party would affix posters, hoardings and banners larger than the sizes prescribed by the election commission as under (a) Poster 2 feet *3 feet, (b) Hoardings 3 feet* 5 feet, (c) banners 3 feet * 9 feet.

He said that no person or political party or a contesting candidate and their supporters would hoist or fix party flags on any public property or at any public place, except with the permission in writing form local government or authorities and on payment of such fee or charges as may be chargeable, while wall chalking as part of an election campaign shall be prohibited in all forms.

Similarly use of loudspeaker shall not be allowed for election campaign except at the election meetings.